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Type “family photographer in my area” in your google search bar and you’ll find a plethora of styles, pricing models, specialties etc.   There are a lot of talented artists out there and we all have our ideas about what we think family photos should look like.  You’ll see the word “lifestyle” everywhere on my website and in my blogposts and I thought I would explain what it is and why I use it.

“Lifestyle” photography falls somewhere in between traditional portraiture, very posed, and documentary photography, which is completely un-posed.  My lifestyle photography is gently posed, as I tell my families what to do, how to stand and who to look at.  I guide the scenes where they are snuggling, laughing, walking and smiling.  I use motion, environment, and emotion to tell the stories of my families. If you are looking for an entire gallery of families all perfectly smiling at the camera in different locations and poses….look for a traditional portrait photographery….but if you want connected, timeless, and joyful photos of your family enjoying each other’s company (not looking at the camera all the time), than I’d love give you some more info. The smile a toddler will give his mama when their eyes lock onto each other is far more genuine to me than telling them to say cheese and look at me.  The kiddos running around their parents and hugging around legs….just being kids.  It’s perfection. It’s what I think family photos should look like.

I specialize in lifestyle newborn and family photography because I truly believe it’s the best way to capture a family life and connection.  In the photos below, this little guy was only 5 months old and dad was leaving on deployment days after our session.  At 5 months, I’m not going to spend an entire session trying to get a baby to smile….I’m going to capture him snuggled into his parents and a family enjoying their precious time together.  And…a 5 month old has a pretty limited time frame of happiness on a chilly fall morning, so keeping my families moving from one thing to another keeps the kiddos engaged.  I just love this session and love that they chose me to capture this fleeting time in their lives.

Anyway, hope this helps clear up some confusion.  Thanks for stopping by!

Elliott Family, Haberman Family, Lifestyle session captured by Hailey Haberman, Ellensburg, WAElliott Family, Haberman Family, Lifestyle session captured by Hailey Haberman, Ellensburg, WAElliott Family, Haberman Family, Lifestyle session captured by Hailey Haberman, Ellensburg, WA


Why Lifestyle? | Ellensburg Family Photographer 
Authentic Lifestyle Family Session.  Family Sessions are photographed at an outdoor location in Ellensburg, WA.  


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