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I just love watching big sister Mary Isabel snuggle her new baby sister, Neave.  She was so gentle and tender as she would nuzzle her little nose against baby’s cheek.  I make a special point in congratulating my older siblings and making them feel special during our session.  Adding a new baby into a family is such a huge change to a toddler so I really try my best to fill their cup and make them feel important. She wanted to show me her room and her favorite stuffy and how high she can jump on her bed (with dad’s permission of course) and those little details that are important to her in this stage of life are just as important as the new baby in the other room.  The beauty of a lifestyle session is being able to spend extra special time with older siblings while a new baby needs to nurse or a diaper change.  These little snippets of time I get throughout the session to capture the sweet little things a family does when they welcome a new family member are truly magical.

When I started shooting weddings over 10 years ago, I loved capturing my amazing couples. Then, my couples began to have babies.  So, I started newborn photography education and made sure my primary focus was on the baby’s safety and comfort. I always had a simplistic approach, but still I did the froggy poses and babies in baskets. I loved working with babies and growing families, but never felt the emotional connection I do now with my lifestyle work.  After having three of my own kids, I feel a connection to the beautiful moments that happen everyday.   When you’re in the newborn survival mode, you don’t see how beautiful these moments are.  Most of us don’t take out our iphone to capture  a photo of your toddlers little sippy cup next to your coffee cup on the coffee table, or the finger paint masterpiece hanging on the fridge.  These pieces and little details in your newborn’s photo album will probably only be noticed by you years later.  And just might bring tears to your eyes.  In the sleep deprived front lines of  raising babies and toddlers, the days might seem long.  They might not feel beautiful to you while you’re in them.  They might be really hard. ou remember your mom guilt, or the sleep schedules you agonized over….but I hope when you can look back at your photos and look at those beautiful timeless moments you remember all the good things. Thanks for stopping by friend.

Baby Neave, lifestyle newborn photography by Hailey Haberman in Ellensburg WABaby Neave, lifestyle newborn photography by Hailey Haberman in Ellensburg WABaby Neave, lifestyle newborn photography by Hailey Haberman in Ellensburg WA

Baby Neave, lifestyle newborn photography by Hailey Haberman in Ellensburg WA

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Authentic Lifestyle Newborn Session. Newborn Sessions are photographed at an outdoor location in Ellensburg, WA.  


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