What To Wear in your Family Photos

I get this question a lot, so I thought I would create a few visual examples…..

Please note….photo examples below are not Hailey Gress Photography photos.

Try to pick clothes within the same color palette across your group.

IS119310a[1], originally uploaded by belindakeller.
3 Boys by Shuttermomof3.

Maternity 1, originally uploaded by kenny mccartney.
Color by Life's Captures.

, originally uploaded by J. Phelps Photography.

In the examples above, it’s pretty obvious that they were planning to match each other and you would not need to go this far. The families above look connected and coordinated without attracting to one person or the other.

You will also notice that not one person in the above photos has a top with a loud pattern or brand name sprawled across their chest.

By wearing nice clothes, that fit you, you will also look thinner. Classic cuts such as v necks, straight leg trousers, and button up shirts will always flatter and be in style. These photos will not look dated in 10 years.

Stay away from bulky clothing. Sweaters, vests, hooded sweatshirts. Even though these may be comfortable (or think your hiding your figure), you are actually adding more to yourself. Keep it Simple. Less is more.