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Looking back on a wonderful year and remembering some of my favorite things.  In January 2019, I decided I was going to make this year more intentional.  Intentional with my time and making it efficient.  Intentional with my spending.  Fair Trade, sustainability, environmentally friendly are a few areas I wanted to improve on.  So…here are a few of my favorite things of 2019…Enjoy!  Have a Happy New Year! Thanks for stopping by!

Favorite Books I read this year-

Nonfiction- Temperence Creek– I’ll confess I haven’t read as much as I wanted to this year, but I read this book in three days and couldn’t get enough.  The cover is not my favorite, but this is an epic tale of perseverance, love and adventure in a wild frontier.  MUST READ 🙂

Fiction – Where the Crawdads Sing– It lives up to the hype, it was great. Loved this!

Honorable mentions….Where the Forest Meets the Stars, Educated, and Glitter & Glue.

Favorite Movie- Bohemian Rhapsody

If you’re not a Queen fan, take a pass.  I absolutely loved this movie and already re-watched it.  Rami Malek could not have done a better job

and the music was phenomenal!


Favorite Podcasts- Armchair Expert, Americana, The MOM Hour

Confession: I love podcasts but tend to go on streaks where I’ll be obsessed with one show and binge listen…then fall off the rails for awhile.  Love all three of these podcasts!

Favorite Electronic- Wireless EarbudEufy Wireless Vacuum

I just gifted two of these babies to the important women in my life.  This little power house is the only way I can keep up on my podcasts, favorite albums, and catch up with my ladies while I’m mommin’ at the same time.  Highly recommend!

This little package of goodness is easy enough for the kids to vacuum up a spill, strong enough to get the crap off the floor, and charge holds long enough to cover the entire house if I need….goodbye iRobot.

Favorite Shoes- Bogs Amanda Plush Snow Boot

After having 3 babies….I have mostly given up on socks…sorry not sorry 🙂

I wear uggs and lined boots in the winter and sandals in the summer and socks only when I am wearing tennis shoes or cowboy boots.  These boots are waterproof, fleece lined and super cozy.  Wouldn’t wear them in freezing temps for a super long time, but for my daily purposes…clutch! Anybody else have muck boots that suction onto your feet? Maybe that’s just me, but it drives me mad. These are perfect to slip into and feed all those hungry animals 🙂

Favorite Skincare- Acure & Coola

As part of my year of intentional living, I did not throw any skincare products out until I was finished with them.  Because…why?  But, as I ran out of my other products, I did research the brands that cut the chemical crap I don’t need on my face…If I’m going to put processed crap into my body, it will be in mac and cheese form 🙂  Really love the Acure brand anything.  I’ve used their shampoo, masks and my favorite is this face wash.  I use it in the shower, as it’s pretty messy in the sink.

I also have done a huge re-vamp on my sunscreen this year as well.  The mineral sticks and this mineral sunscreen have been my favorite.  I wear it year long and love the light and creamy feel.

Honorable mention: Fresh Mint Activated Charcoal Toothepaste.  It makes your sink a mess, but nothing will get wine stains off your teeth better 🙂

Favorite Hair Product- Madison Reed

So…I really did try salon color…a few times…with amazing ladies and generally liked the result. But getting the time away to make the appointment and the cost to keep ahead of my gray hair showing up every 4 weeks was just too much for me.  Plus, I really only wash my hair every few days and want less chemicals in my haircare.  Then I tried Madison Reed.  It’s a home coloring subscription system with zero harsh chemicals.  The color is amazing and the shampoo is even better.


Favorite Self Care- Riding my horse-

My biggest intention this year was to devout more time to my first love…the ranch and my horse. The past year has been a hard one, so any time I can spend helping out at the ranch with the people and things I love, I’m just gonna do it.  It’s given me more than I can say, but the gist is just happiness.  If I could be anywhere in the world, on the back on my horse is where I would be.

Favorite Kids Purchase- Trampoline

Hey kids…inside voices…hey kids…no running….hey kids….outside…go jump on the trampoline….It works, I swear, even in the winter months 🙂

Favorite Green Purchase- Tentree Socks

I get compliments on these socks anytime I wear them, so soft and just good quality. Love this company.


Favorite Fair Trade Purchase- Alaffia Everyday Shea Lotion

Like I said earlier, I don’t buy something new unless I’ve used the old one.  I’ve tried to center my purchases around companies that care about it’s people and environment.  This company has an amazing story (and local), see more about them here.  This has lasted me almost a year and is so rich and creamy on my dry winter skin.  It’s unscented, so I will occasionally mix a little of my smelly lavender lotion with it, but for the most part I use just this every day.

Favorite Sustainable Subscription- Who Gives a Crap Toilet Paper

I also looked at our household items that we use most and tried to find ways to support companies that give back and give a crap about sustainability.  The TP is perfect for everyone in the house, zero plastic, 100 percent recycled, adorable packaging and a great company I’m happy to give my hard earned money to.

Thanks for stopping by, Happy New Year ALL! 

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