DIY Camera Bag

So excited about my brand new camera bag, looks like a purse, fully padded to house my nearest and dearest possessions for only about 40 bucks!!  I found the purse at TJ Maxx and made sure to find one with good construction, strong handles, and a detachable shoulder strap….
Then….I found these two laptop bags at Goodwill for a few bucks a piece and stole all the padding from each….
Then, I snipped the bottom of the outside pocket to stuff the padding between the outer layer and inside liner of the purse.. 

Then I stuffed the padding to line the bottom and each side of the purse….

 I also gathered all the mismatched pieces of camera bag padding and organized the inside of the camera bag. Then using Velcro pieces I organized the inside of the bag to hold one camera body, two lenses, one flash, and memory card wallets.  The bag will fit two camera bodies if needed, but I wanted the extra space for lenses…..

 You’ll have to excuse my messy amateur sewing job here, hopefully no one will look at the inside of the pocket and see how crooked my hem is here……

 And viola, camera bag that looks like a purse for under 40 bucks!  I have already used it and love the design and comfort of the bag.  Way fun!! Enjoy!